Building Customer Relationships that Improve Business Results

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We have successfully helped executives, managers and cross-functional teams build customer relationships that improve business results.  We use proven methods to meet or exceed your business objectives.


In customer and market analysis we use methods that include:  interviewing, surveying, sizing, strategy, analysis, issue identification, message development, online engagement, prioritization, and plan development.


Results include:

  • Re-direction of sales resources to higher opportunity targets.
  • Repositioning of services for ongoing success.
  • Culling lower opportunity investments.
  • Growing to a top market position.
  • Emerging as the leading voice in the market.


In evidence-based decision support we use methods that include: data collection and analysis, quantification, issue identification, gap analysis, structured questioning, testing hypotheses, workflow analysis, cost control, simplification, communication, project planning, and training.


Results include:

  • Establishing team credibility.
  • Winning business in new areas with current clients.
  • Enabling re-examination of investment priorities.
  • Speeding sales cycle.
  • Demonstrating performance link.


In project leadership we use methods that include strategy, analysis, conceptualizing, planning, needs analysis, collaboration, negotiation, advocacy, management, problem solving, point of view development, communication, and training.


Results include:

  • Exceeding revenue and profitability goals.
  • Launching new products or services.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Scooping the competition.







Customer and Market Analysis



Evidence-Based Decision Support



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