Building Customer Relationships that Improve Business Results

McKittrick Associates is a business consulting firm that helps executives in technology and services companies build effective customer relationships. We differentiate our services from other customer-focused consulting firms in three specific ways:


  1. We are business people seeking measurable improvement in results.
  2. We address end-to-end processes.
  3. We are expert in customer-focused technologies.


We believe that strengthening relationships with the right customers is the foundation for innovation, sales success, and support efficiency. 



Our services include:


Customer and market analysis to aid in:


  • Prioritizing investments in sales, service, and product development.
  • Reinvigorating sales.
  • Fostering customer advocates.


Evidence-based decision support to aid in:


  • Repositioning product and service offerings.
  • Improving customer service.
  • Accelerating sales cycles.


Project leadership to aid in:


  • Implementing new growth strategies
  • Streamlining order to install.
  • Delineating best practices.


Customer and Market Analysis



Evidence-Based Decision Support



Project Leadership